The Business Roadmap Formula The Step-by-Step guide to grow your business!

Businesses Fail!

7 out of 10 businesses will fail within 10 years. It has been said many times tat either a business fails to perform, and close down. Smetimes a failure is just a business that do not realise its full potential and never reaches the success it could have had. 

 South Africa’s economy urgently needs entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants, coaches & small business owners to boost growth, foster innovation, and help in job creation 

Did you meet all your business goals in 2018? 

"The situation is dire," according to Bernard Swanepoel, president of the Small Business Institute. "SMEs face extinction if we’re not careful" 

Business success depends on accurate setting and achieving of goals

Watching this 10 minute video to learn the 3-step formula of setting and achieving is critical to the success of your business!

“Tilly Davies has been doing work for both me and Gateways since 2015. She assisted with the refinement of our corporate digital communications, and developed web, twitter and LinkedIn formats for our marketing. We were impressed by her knowledge of the field, her general professionalism and the ease of working with her. The highest compliment I can pay Tilly was to recommended her to my wife for her professional digital communications and marketing. Gateways has worked with other agencies over the years but all agree that Tilly was the best we had used.” - Ian Mann 

Dear Small Business Partner, 

There is a better way!

We do have a tendency to think about business growth, strategy and goal setting as just a way to create our vision and mission statements or strategies so that we (and our employees) have a daily to-do list. There is more….  

A business roadmap is, in many ways, the hub that links all of your objectives and successes (or failures) together. You'll find the benefits of accurate business goal setting bleed into every aspect of your business operations, sales and performance.  

Take a step back  

There comes a point when you have to take a step back and look at how your business as a whole is running:  

• Are all departments and levels aligned with your overall business? • Are your sales making a net profit above your expenses? • Are your products performing well with your target market? • Are there areas of inefficiency that need to be addressed?  

When you step back and take a look at the big picture, you find what parts of your business are operating well and what needs to be adjusted.  


The Business Roadmap Guide is an essential business growth formula for the small business owner. By using this it will create a go-to blueprint that can be used time and time again to grow your business in record time.  

Here are some of the leading benefits behind implementing this crucial business roadmap guide:  

A 5,000-Foot View Of Your Business Identifies And Outlines Your Company's Priorities Serves As A Blueprint For Change Sets Your Team Up For Accountability Puts Everyone On The Same Page  

Business Goal Setting Program 

The Business Roadmap Guide is a simple, structure guide to help you determine which stage your business is at with a detailed business analysis with our dynamic question insights to ease you into the process. Then we determine what you should focus on and compile the in-depth gap analysis. After a detailed consultation we will be able to highlight what strategies should you implement, how you should build a growth culture and how you could achieve accelerated growth. We cover areas like: Marketing Sales Customer Service Finance Technology

What better time than now to take a step back and actually look from the outside in and set goals that will yield results.  

This is the one a service that your business will benefit guaranteed

But if you are already successful and do not need any assistance like this; then.....  

Pay It Forward!  

It is my absolute conviction if we can assist and help each other to be successful we will create a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, our local communities, and ultimately our country. Remember a small business is the backbone of our society and being successful in our businesses will mean that we assist in a better economy, reduced unemployment to name but a few advantages.  

So do tell someone about this service and help them to also be successful in their business. You can use the below links to learn more about the service but also inform others….:  

1. The 2019 Business Goals Program – 2. Who is Tilly Davies – and 3. Who is Support Small Business – 4. Please Remember – This is a limited offer as Tilly Davies will be delivering the service personally and will not be outsourced it to her team – her time is limited!  



Together we can achieve so much more


3 Step 2019 Business Goal Setting Program R2500


Who is Tilly Davies

I believe that the focus in business and marketing is changing!  

Of course, it is important to work towards profits for the business, the directors, and the owner. However, the time is here and now to focus on a larger broader vision of impact on economy and society.  

It is for this very reason that my view of collaborative and support business development and marketing is aimed at all businesses including the SME’s.  

I strive to connect people around values creating trust and growing business communities that will work together for a larger, broader impact on economy and society.  

No longer do we just embrace B2B or B2C but rather include B2P – Business to People!  

I aim to change the way we do business – focusing on a collaborative, supportive service!

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